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Interview Preparation

Preparing for my interview was both quite simple and quite challenging at the same time. While the actual interview went quite well and gave me all the information I needed to write my article, the process of the interview was quite a nuisance. For the positives, Lauren Harrell (the woman I interviewed) was quite nice, […]

Interview Thesis/Questions

Hook: Taking care of children is always hard work, whether it’s a regular Sunday afternoon or there’s a pandemic to work around. Thesis: With COVID-19 still running rampant in the world, working at a daycare and having to take care of an entire classroom of children may seem like a monstrous task. However, Lauren Harrell, […]

Interviewing Ideas

I think it’d be a very interesting and enlightening experience to interview Maddy Thorson. Thorson is a non-binary indie game developer most known for their work on Celeste, a 2D-platformer. The game involves the main character, Madeline, climbing up Celeste Mountain as an act of self validation, while tackling many relevant topics such as depression […]

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