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For my NEWSY story, I will be using the NEWSY video “Feds Urge Schools To Provide COVID-19 Shots, Info For Kids.” I will use this to write a piece on the benefits of vaccinating your children. There are many news stories going around about children being vaccinated, both positive and negative, and it should not…

Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news sites are focused in a specific area, so in looking in hyperlocal news sites, it is obvious that I found most of the stories were stories about the specific area the website is based in. There are also usually areas on the site where you can see news in even more specific areas,…


Originally, I was going to tell the story with more modern elements of Ybor City due to it being a historical city, but then decided that that would be too broad of a subject. However, walking around the campus these past few weeks gave me another idea for my story. My photojournalism story will be…

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