Interview Thesis/Questions

Hook: Taking care of children is always hard work, whether it’s a regular Sunday afternoon or there’s a pandemic to work around.

Thesis: With COVID-19 still running rampant in the world, working at a daycare and having to take care of an entire classroom of children may seem like a monstrous task. However, Lauren Harrell, a daycare receptionist at Little Giants Learning Academy South, is able to face said task head-on.

Questions I Will Ask During the Interview:

  • What is the greatest benefit of working at Little Giants Learning Academy South?
  • What is the greatest struggle of working at Little Giants Learning Academy South?
  • How does the academy usually run when COVID-19 isn’t an issue?
  • How have the staff and students had to adapt to COVID-19 implementations?
  • What (if any) are some concerns with how the academy is currently running with COVID-19 regulations?
  • Are there any suggestions you would give to parents to prepare their children before sending them to a daycare even in regular situations?
  • How can parents avoid causing the staff any unnecessary stress?
  • Are the children able to understand and practice safe COVID-19 protocol?
  • Describe what your job at the academy entails.
  • What would you suggest as advice to anyone looking to enter the same career as you?

3 thoughts on “Interview Thesis/Questions

  1. Hi Andie,
    the topic you are interviewing about is so relevant and important. Often, we can forget that educators/daycare workers and those who have in-person contact are frontline workers as well; they just don’t handle the medical side of things. However, the role they play is still very important. They are helping society function as close to “normal” as possible. This is going to be an amazing interview!


  2. Hi Andie,
    I like your topic because childcare is an important job that doesn’t get talked about enough. I work in childcare myself and I enjoy it even though some days has its challenges. Teaching children is important because they can take those lessons later on in life. This is an interesting topic and I know that you will have a great story!


  3. I liked the topic of the interview and the questions. Especially the last question which is about the advice, everyone needs previous people’s experiences to be able to succeed.


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