Story Focus Sheet

The topic I will be choosing to write about for my next story assignment is ways to cope with anxiety. This will generally be a story with tips about different ways you can alleviate anxiety if you suffer from it.

The reason I am writing this story now is that more and more people are struggling with anxiety, whether it is because of diagnosed mental health problems or everyday stress. Some may suffer from anxiety more than others, but most people have experienced it in some way, and current events most likely do not help with that. I want to find genuinely helpful ways to combat something so serious instead of giving the usual unhelpful “it’ll be fine, you have nothing to worry about” advice.

This story will be relevant to HCC students because most HCC students do struggle with anxiety in some way, whether they know it or not. This could be anxiety about not doing well in school, work stress, COVID fears, etc. The stress could also have caused some students to develop nervous habits or even a need to take medication if their anxiety has worsened. This piece could help those who know they are struggling find ways to help themselves, or it may even help those who don’t yet know they need help.

I won’t have any human sources for this piece, but I will do research on sites that actually focus on mental health and have credible people working on them, such as the American Psychology Association. This way, I won’t be giving readers misinformation about such an important subject.

To make this story complete, I will need to research sings of anxiety, what causes anxiety, and different verified ways that anxiety can be treated or alleviated. I will need all these components to make my story as factual as possible.


6 thoughts on “Story Focus Sheet

  1. Hello Andie. This is a really relevant topic to write about since many college students struggle with anxiety in their everyday lives. I completely agree with you and everyone has experienced at least some form of anxiety. I know many other students who take medication for their anxiety because the stress in their lives can be too much to handle.


  2. Hi Andie!
    Once again you have picked such an amazing topic. Mental health and dealing with anxiety is such a relevant topic. As college students, we have a lot to juggle at once. Sometimes we forget that our health should always take precedent over anything. I’ve definitely been the type to get stressed to the point where I don’t sleep or I omit from eating. I am very interested in the tips you will provide in your blog post. Great job Andie!


  3. Hi Andie

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I think it is an important topic that touches everyone’s needs. Sometimes I face anxiety and I think it is important for students to how to deal with it because they are exposed to the pressure of exams and assignments.


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