Service Journalism

For my service journalism story, I decided to write a story about how to cope with anxiety and what types of coping mechanisms are used when you have anxiety, as I wrote about last week. This week, I will be talking about the type of service journalism my story will fall under.

For the most part, my story will fall under an application story. It does have somewhat of an overlap with a case study (as one of the components in the story will be how medication can help with coping with anxiety), but it is by and large an application story.

The reason I view my story as an application story is because, while it doesn’t detail how to use a product in the traditional sense, it does detail how to alleviate anxiety and how to be successful at that alleviation, so the advice for dealing with anxiety somewhat takes the place of a product being used. I will most likely use examples of these methods being successful that can be found on medical websites such as the American Psychological Association, and I may use statistics, but the piece will largely be about how to apply the information given to you.

While a story about anxiety could technically also fall under a research study depending on who’s writing it, that is not the approach that I wish to take. Anxiety is something that affects so many of us, so just showing charts and graphs about the facts of anxiety seems too impersonal for the type of story I want to write. I want it to actually have good advice that people can take away from it, and making an informational piece that feels like a school lecture does not seem like the right approach for that.

With all that said, I hope that by making my story an application story, it will be able to convey the information i want to convey properly.


6 thoughts on “Service Journalism

  1. Hi Andie! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love this prompt because it’s very relevant to college students, especially nowadays. This story will be super engaging for all listeners/readers. And i believe it’ll be really helpful and informative for the readers/listeners, as well. I can’t wait to hear your methods for coping and dealing with anxiety.


  2. Hello Andie,
    I love the approach you are taking with your story. I agree that charts can be useful but, considering the type of story you are writing, they may not be as effective as providing detailed ways to combat anxiety. You made an excellent call by making “case studies” an element of your overall application story instead of making case studies the focal point. I am excited to read your final piece.


    • Thank you very much! I definitely think case studies are very useful, but felt they would limit the approach to my story. I wanted it to be more about the advice rather than “here’s how anxiety affects the brain” lol.


  3. Hey Andie

    I like the topic you chose. Everyone is exposed to anxiety in many situations and for different reasons. I think that discussing anxiety and offering ways to cope with it is a good idea and it is beneficial for everyone who suffers from anxiety.


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