Originally, I was going to tell the story with more modern elements of Ybor City due to it being a historical city, but then decided that that would be too broad of a subject. However, walking around the campus these past few weeks gave me another idea for my story. My photojournalism story will be on the different types of stairs that can be found on HCC’s Ybor campus.

The reason I thought of the idea for this story is because there are so many unique stairs on this campus, in the building our class is in alone. There are plenty of very standard stairs around campus, but there are also things like multicolored stairs and stairs that different clubs have endorsed themselves on and stairs with different motivational text painted on them.

Doing a photojournalism story on the different types of stairs may give a more human feel to the campus instead of it feeling like a plain building you just come to for school. It will actually feel like students play an active role on campus and can give it a human touch, even just through making the stairs less drab. It isn’t the most exciting photojournalism story, but it could still tell an interesting soft news story.


5 thoughts on “Photojournalism

  1. Hello Andrea. This is a great topic and I like the story behind you deciding to choose this for your photojournalism project. I think this topic would connect to most of us since going to Ybor a lot of us had a chance to look at the stairs around campus. I cant wait to see the beautiful photos of all the stairs you will take! Good luck!


  2. Hi Andrea. I this is a good idea for your story. Some people see the stairs around campus but don’t really pay any attention to it. This will show students how creative this campus is and will give them more of a connection to it. I think you will get some nice pictures of the stairs and especially the colored ones.


  3. Hi Andie! I love your story idea because it is out of the box and very creative. I never would’ve thought to do a story on the stairs at HCC but now I see just how interesting your photojournalism piece could be. This will highlight the uniqueness of our campus.


  4. Hello, as many of our classmates have already said, I think that this would be a fascinating photojournalism piece. While I have not taken a super hard look at the stairs at HCC, I have noticed art on the stairwell. Anyways, I would definitely like to see this photojournalism done.


  5. Hi Andie! I really like how you chose a photojournalism piece that represents Tampa/Ybor and is very relevant to HCC students. I have never even noticed that many stairs were painted but I think I’ll be on the lookout, as I am very interested in your piece. I would love to see if any of the paintings have a hidden meaning behind them.


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