Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news sites are focused in a specific area, so in looking in hyperlocal news sites, it is obvious that I found most of the stories were stories about the specific area the website is based in. There are also usually areas on the site where you can see news in even more specific areas, or broaden it so that it covers the entire state that the site is located in. This way, you can get both state news, news about the city you live in, and/or even sometimes news about the county you live in.

The beats in hyperlocal news sites are typically the usual news beats, so expect to find sports and politics beats on the site. However, some are actually specific to the region, as they are relevant in some regions but may not be as relevant as others. An example of this would be the climate beat in the San Fransisco Chronicle, as the beat is especially relevant in California due to the overwhelming presence of forest fires every year.

One beat that is given special attention on every site is COVID-19 news. It’s obvious why, as COVID is still something that affects our everyday lives, and getting news on it is important to see upticks and downtrends. Even though this can be seen on national news, this is info you most likely want on a local scale as well to see how it’s affecting your local neighborhood, not just how the affects are being felt worldwide. This is most likely why COVID-19 news is displayed so prominently on hyperlocal news sites.


One thought on “Hyperlocal News

  1. Hi Andie! I really like how you focused on different beats within these hyperlocal news websites. Like you said, COVID-19 is a very relevant beat and I think it will stay that way for a while. I agree with your statement of how people may check the local hyperlocal/local news because these numbers are for the specific area as well as mandates, changes, etc. Do you see the news covering a different beat in the future?


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