For my NEWSY story, I will be using the NEWSY video “Feds Urge Schools To Provide COVID-19 Shots, Info For Kids.” I will use this to write a piece on the benefits of vaccinating your children. There are many news stories going around about children being vaccinated, both positive and negative, and it should not be difficult to find other resources on this story, such as statistics on child vaccinations and information from the CDC.

This is a very relevant story, as many people are worried about their children being vaccinated, and some people think it could be dangerous for their children, due to a lack of understanding in regards to how the vaccine works. The goal with this story will be to show that children receiving the vaccine is completely safe. Children need to get vaccinated in order to protect the public, and knowing the benefits could convince people of this.

This could especially be helpful for us HCC students, as many of us have younger family members, and those of us will want information on the vaccine so we know how our family members will fare when vaccinated. It is imperative that the people who need this information can get it, to show that this is a safe way to protect younger children.



5 thoughts on “NEWSY Story

  1. Hey Andie, I look forward to reading more about your Newsy story on Vaccines in the child development and educational system. Before Covid was very prominent against the health of others, it was mandatory for children to have certain vaccines before they could attend school for both public and private schools every year. As research begins to develop more and technological advances every person who wants to progress should be on board for the Covid vaccines – its all for the protection of everyone!


  2. Hello Andrea. I agree with you that this topic is very relevant these days. There has been a major push to give a younger children the Covid-19 vaccine because of safety reasons, however, there are many people who disagree with this. As you said there has been both negative and positive news on this. Good luck on your story!


  3. Hello Andrea.
    This topic is extremely relevant and there are so many angles you can cover this story from. A lot of people have mixed feelings on whether or not vaccines should be mandated, let alone, whether children should be forced to take them at all. I see the vaccine as a reasonable thing as it is no different from the other shots that kids are required to take to start school. However, I do understand the concerns that some parents may have. This will be a very interesting story!


  4. Hi Andrea! While this news story can be controversial so most, I agree that the information about the vaccine should be offered at the least. I know that some people are extremely concerned about Covid, especially when it comes to their children getting it. It is also helpful to college students considering how much of us go out and socialize. I am happy you decided to bring this into a discussion.


  5. Hi Andie! I think this is a really great piece you are working on and is very relevant especially with a new COVID-19 variant. I like how you are planning to aim the story towards children getting the vaccine since they have been the last ones approved thus far. Although I do think it is important to add maybe a citing either from an article or research of a doctor saying that parents shouldn’t be worried about giving their children the vaccine. This is because it will back up your argument, and like you said a lot of people are on the fence with all the other information out there.


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